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What are the new work-life balance entitlements enforced through L.N. 201 of 2022?


These new rights aim to increase the quality of life of workers and families. These are paternity leave, parental leave, carers’ leave and the right to request flexible working arrangements for caring purposes. These regulations come into effect on 2 August 2022.

At present, Maltese law provides for a maximum of two days paid for paternity leave for private sector employees, which varies by sector, and five days for public service employees. Under these new rights fathers or equivalent second parent as recognised by national law are granted a total of 10 paid days of paternity leave to be taken immediately after the birth or adoption of the child.

Parental leave is an individual right granted to each parent on the grounds of the birth or adoption of a child to enable them to take care of the child for a period of 4 months until the child is 8 years old. Under the new regulations, an employee may benefit from two paid months out of the entitlement of four months at the same rate established for the sickness benefit entitlement under the Social Security Act.

Carers’ leave is a new right of five days of unpaid annual leave per worker to take care of relatives in need of personal support or persons living in the same household with the worker for medical reasons. 

Moreover, the new regulations stipulate that employees with children up to the age of eight (8) years, and carers, have the right to request flexible working arrangements for caring purposes.

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