The A2E Scheme will provide employment aid to enterprises in Malta and Gozo to promote the recruitment of the more challenged amongst job seekers, unemployed and inactive. The Aid Programme will be:

• Enhancing opportunities to access the labour market and providing work experience to those furthest away from gainful occupation;
• Bridging the gap between labour market supply and demand;
• Increasing social cohesion.

What you'll get

The employer will be paid a subsidy of €85 per week per participant for 40 hours, or 24 weeks, or 52 weeks, or 104 weeks, or a subsidy of €125 per week for 40 hours for as many as 156 weeks in case of registered disabled person.

More information can be found in the A2E Scheme Guidance Notes on the Jobspluswebsite.


All undertakings having an economic activity are eligible for the A2E Scheme, when recruiting a disadvantage person which fall under the participant eligibility criteria.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and print it. The original form needs to be sent by registered post or delivered by hand to Jobsplus:

EU Funded Schemes Division
Access to Employment Scheme Unit
Ħal Far BBG 3000

This form must be filled in when the Beneficiary’s Project Leader would like delegate authority to another person to take care of the scheme on behalf of the beneficiary. The form must be signed by both the Project Leader and the Delegated Person.