This Youth Guarantee NEET Activation Scheme II offers participants a training and a work placement/continued education opportunity.

What you'll get

i) Profiling sessions in order for the specialist team to understand the needs of every participant
ii) 80-hour training programme, designed according to the profiling assessment report
iii) 240 hours of work placement or vocational training at MCAST, ITS, GCHSS, GEM 16+ or other accredited institutions
iv) Free daily lunch
v) Allowance of €1440 (80% obligatory attendance)
vi) Ongoing support (youth workers, employment advisors, job coaches, etc.)


The applicants should be:

i) Under 25 years of age in the month prior to the date of application
ii) A resident of Malta or Gozo
iii) Unemployed (both non-registering and registering with Jobsplus)
iv) Not registered with MCAST, the University of Malta, Junior College, GCHSS or any other post-secondary institution

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.