This initiative offers the applicants 2 weeks of profiling in order for the trainers and Psychosocial team to understand the requirements of every participant. Then a 4-week training period will follow, whereby participants undergo specific training which is tailor-based on their profiling assessment report generated during the first 2 weeks. Ultimately the applicant will be offered a job or an educational opportunity for 12 weeks, on a part-time basis (20 hours per week). Each applicant is paid for attending and if the applicant attends 80% or more of the total hours offered during these 18 week period, then that participant would be paid a total of €1,440.

What you'll get

Basic training and also work experience over the whole 18 weeks of the programme. Participants will also benefit from youth work support together with psychological well-being support (if required). Upon completion of the scheme s/he will be awarded a certificate of achievement.


The applicants should be:
i) Under 25 years of age on the month prior to issuing the call for applications.
ii) Maltese or Gozitan Residents.
iii) Unemployed.

The applicants should not be:
i) Registered with MCAST, the University of Malta, Junior College, Higher Secondary or ITS.
ii) In possession of a qualification certified at MQF Level 5 and/or higher.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.