The Social Causes Fund is set under the Gaming Act, Chapter 583 of the Laws of Malta and has the main scope of helping out various individuals, agencies or organisations that have a social, cultural, civil, educational, sport, philanthropic, or religious activity or other deserving causes.

The Social Causes Fund Committee administers and operates the fund. The Fund generates its income via 3 ways:

  • percentage of the gross sums, fees, duties and, or taxes paid by authorised persons to the Authority;
  • sums as may be paid in terms of any law or private contract or any other legal instrument or document whatsoever, be it domestic, foreign or international, to the Responsible Gaming Fund;
  • other amounts which the Authority is required to credit and pay into the Gaming Fund.

One can apply for funds after having consulted the guidelines and submitting the relevant application form.

What you'll get

Co-financing of projects and initiatives.


The fund is intended to support projects and initiatives of a religious, philanthropic, cultural, sports, educational, social or civic nature or in support of other deserving causes, and in such amounts, in such manner and at such times, as may be determined by the Social Causes Committee for the purpose.

How to apply

The application may be submitted through the online form..