No person can operate a non-profit lottery without the approval of the Malta Gaming Authority granted under the Gaming Authorizations Regulations (Chapter 583.05 of the Laws of Malta). Non-profit organisations wishing to hold such a lottery are required to fill in this form to obtain the necessary permit.

What you'll get

Upon successful application, the Malta Gaming Authority shall issue a permit for the operation of a non-profit lottery on the specified dates. This permit does not exempt the permit holder from obtaining any other permission that may be required under the Police or other Laws.


To qualify for a permit an applicant must be a non-profit organisation, which the Malta Gaming Authority deems that all persons involved are considered to be fit and proper persons.

Another requirement specified in the general conditions outlined in the application form also needs to be satisfied, namely that the cost to participate in a non-profit game shall not exceed five Euro (€5) per player.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.