Business Start offers a seed funding to start-ups. The measure is intended to support small startup undertakings that have a viable business concept and are in the early stage of its development.

What you'll get

Malta Enterprise provides support linked to private equity, crowd funding and the procurement of machinery and equipment. Depending on the type of support provided, assistance may be:

-up to €100,000 if linked to crowd funding campaigns; and
-up to €200,000 when the support is linked to private equity or required to fund the procurement of machinery and equipment.
Financial aid is in the form of repayable assistance.


The application must be received by Malta Enterprise by not later than 24 months from the Establishment Date. The Corporaton will only fund projects that primarily carry out an activtiy in line with the Nace Codes established in the Incentive Guidelines .

How to apply

Fill in the online form, print it and send to:

Malta Enterprise Corporation
Malta Industrial Parks Ltd
Gwardamangia Hill
Pietà MEC 0001