"The compilation of this eForm provides a single channel for the commencement of operations of an MFSA-registered company as it amalgamates all forms needed by the various local authorities/agencies into one submission.

This eForm shall also be used in cases where a company registered with the Registry of Companies does not have a valid VAT number but needs a VAT Identification number for VAT grouping purposes.

Business Operations & Obligations:

Applicants who intend to open a business activity under the specific NACE Codes may receive an email from the below Government Entities to comply with the respective obligations:

Environmental Health Unit
Applicants must obtain a ‘No Objection Declaration’ issued by the Environmental Health Directorate. The Business Certification and Consultation Unit (Health) within the Environmental Health Directorate certifies business operations and provides consultation services with respect to food safety and public health related issues. All the relevant information for the acquisition of this certification and provision of consultation services can be found at Starting up a Food Business in Malta.

Health Care Standards
The principal purpose of the Health Care Standards Directorate is to ensure high quality/safe services provided through the number of business/facilities. To achieve this objective these businesses/facilities are regularly inspected and licensed.

VPRD – Plant Health Directorate
Businesses related to an activity listed under Regulation 6 of Subsidiary Legislation 433.06 must be registered with the Plant Protection Directorate. The Surveillance and Enforcement Unit within the Plant Protection Directorate approves activities, issue compliance certificates and registers business operators in the Malta Official Register. The requirements and procedure for registration in the Malta Official Register (MOR) are found in the Guidelines for MOR Registration .

What you'll get

A company may obtain the following which may be required for their operations:

1. VAT number/s – to register with Office of the Commissioner for Taxes and Customs  in the event that the business activity is taxable;
2. PE number – to register as an employer with the Office of the Commissioner for Taxes and Customs in the event that the activity will entail the engagement of employees during the initial stages;
3. National Statistics Office are notified with the birth of a new business registration; and
4. Jobsplus Employer number - applicable only when the applicant registers for a PE number.


a) Non-EU Nationals vested as a Company's Legal Director holding a valid Identity/Residence Card issued by the Identità Malta Agency; or

b) Non-EU Nationals vested as a Company’s Legal Director holding a valid Identification Document issued by the respective National Authorities are required the assistance of a practitioner registered with the Commissioner for Taxes and Customs.

Non-EU Nationals who hold a valid identification Document issued by the respective National Authorities.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

How to access the eForm:

  1. Applicant may apply using his/her ID Card and Document Number; or
  2. Applicant may apply through the use of his/her eID; or
  3. Practitioner, through the use of his/her eID, acts on behalf any Company’s Legal Director.

Representative acting on behalf of a company:

Through this eForm, representatives (practitioners who are registered with the Office of the Commissioner for Taxes and Customs. may act on behalf of individuals who intend to register a business.

A practitioner who is not yet listed with the Commissioner for Taxes and Customs. may use the following link to register: CFR 01 Registration as a Practitioner

Required documentation:

Mandatory documentation to be uploaded with the application form:

  • Practitioner acting on behalf of the company – a front and back copy of a Company’s Legal Director’s identification document.