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1. What documents should I take when visiting one of servizz.gov’s hubs?

To request a service, you always need your ID Card. It is important to bring all documentation related to your case. If you are acting on behalf of someone else you must present your Power of Attorney. It is essential that you advise the servizz.gov representative if you have already opened your case with another government department or entity. If you switch from one servizz.gov hub to another please give the existing reference number since this will speed the process.

2. Are there services which I may not be able to obtain from servizz.gov?

The services which are not provided by servizz.gov are minimal. These include licence payments and renewal of passports. However, should you have questions about these services you may obtain guidance by visiting servizz.gov.mt or calling Freephone 153.

3. What happens to my query?

If you request information only, the representative will give an immediate response. This will be done by accessing information on government services online. If there is no immediate information available, a case will be created to allow a follow-up. You will be given a letter of acknowledgment with your case number and information on how to get in touch with servizz.gov. After submission of your case to a government department or body, officials from that organisation may contact you. This may be for clarification or to request more information or documentation.

4. Who will be responsible for the end decision of my case?

The responsible Department or Government Entity remains accountable for the processing of your case.

5. When will I get a reply?

Each service has its own stipulated timeframe for resolution.  The agent will inform you of the anticipated response time. The following timeframes apply for the following situations: When someone requests information on government services to which the information is available, then the response can be provided by the agent within a few minutes. The timeframe stipulated depends on the type of query. When someone requests a service, every service has its own timeframe as to when it will be addressed. The servizz.gov representative will inform you of the stipulated timeframe as to when the service will be processed. An appointment with a representative of the Social Security and Tax Departments or other government entity will be given depending on the first availability of that representative. To provide your feedback, ideas or compliments on government services, please fill in an e-form found on the homepage of servizz.gov.mt. These will be processed by the respective department and you may be contacted for any clarification needed.

6. What can I do if I don't receive a reply within a stipulated timeframe?

You can visit one of servizz.gov offices, send an email to [email protected] or phone Freephone 153.

7. What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorises another person, called a mandatory, to act on behalf of the person who created it, known as the mandator, in the event that the mandator cannot make those decisions himself or herself

8. I am currently living abroad and I would like to acquire more information regarding government services, how can I make use of Freephone 153?

If you live abroad and require the assistance of Freephone 153, you can contact us on +356 21255153.
This number is not a freephone, so fees will apply.