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Introduction – servizz.gov Ag​ency​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Abo​​ut Us​​​

servizz.gov is the agency bringing all government services together. It is a bridge between the Public Service of Malta and the general public, making government services more accessible.

servizz.gov makes life easier and saves time. It does away with citizens having to travel to offices in Valletta and elsewhere.

Over the years, the services offered by servizz.gov have continued to increase, and therefore, servizz.gov has now expanded its operation, and runs 24 hubs around Malta.

servizz.gov is also accessible via Freephone 153, email [email protected], as well as via the website www.servizz.gov.mt and social media.

How can servizz.gov help?

•         Request information on Government services

•         Raise an application or request a service

•         Schedule appointments with servizz.gov experts

•         Report problems and make complai​nts​

•         Make suggestions about Government services


Who may use servizz.gov?

Everyone. It's useful for anyone wanting help; either through face to face communication, over the phone, through the Internet or maltapps.​​



Għas-Servizz Tiegħek – Annual Publication 2023

servizz.gov's Annual Report for 2023, covering numerous initiatives and completed projects. This report, published in April 2024, also marked the launch of the agency's fresh modern look.

Previous Publications

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