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The Ag​​en​c​y​

Massimo Vella

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr Vella was born in November 1968. He holds a Master of Science in Information Systems Management and a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Greenwich respectively.

Having joined the Public Service of Malta in 1989, Mr Vella fulfilled various managerial and technical roles. In 2012 he was appointed as Chief Information Officer spearheading projects such as simplification initiatives and strategic applications across numerous ministries. He contributed in areas such as myHealth, Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information, mServices, Digital Tourism Platform – CONvErGE (ERDF 2.035) project, Government Modern Workplace Initiative and Digitisation.

Mr. Vella has also contributed as working group member to the attainment of various inter-ministerial initiatives such as the Mapping Tomorrow Strategy, Social Media Policy, National Cyber Security Strategy, Tallinn Declaration and Online Services Take-up Strategy.

Mr. Vella was appointed Chief Executive Officer of servizz.gov in August 2020.

Kap Eżekuttiv (CEO) 

Andre Arciola

Head (Operations & Quality)

Mr Arciola was born in 1982. He studied at the University of Malta, from where he ob​tained a postgraduate qualification in Tourism Studies and a Masters qualification in Management.

He spent his first ten years of his career in the Quality and Training section at the Malta Tourism Authority where he focused on the development of quality and training schemes for the tourism industry.

He joined the agency in May 2018. One year and a half later he was appointed as servizz.gov’s Head of Quality and Training.

In his free time, Mr Arciola is a sports enthusiast. He has served as a football referee for several years, as well as an Assistant Director within the Malta Football Association’s Refereeing Department.

Head (Standards and Operations) 

Jesmond Sciberras

Head (ICT & Branding)

Mr Sciberras was born in December 1978. He studied at the University of Malta where he graduated in Computer Studies in Education.

He began his career in 2000 as a teacher of Computer Science and Information Technology in various secondary schools. He was also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta.

He has over fifteen years of experience in the public service working as an ICT Officer in various ministries where he managed horizontal ICT operational tasks as well as led a number of ICT-related projects.

Mr Sciberras was appointed Head of ICT and Branding in April 2022 where together with his team he is responsible for implementing the Agency’s ICT strategy, programmes and initiatives as well as creating and executing branding campaigns to sustain the Agency’s identity.

Head (ICT & Branding) 

Henry Cipriott

Head (Corporate & Training)

Mr Cipriott was born in November 1984. He holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management and Training from University of Leicester and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Policy from University of Malta.

He is a human resources professional with over 10 years of responsible experience in administration and people management in the public sector arena. His professional experiences include development of operating procedures and policies, employment law compliance, strategic human resource planning, employee benefits, work-life balance measures, payroll management, employee well-being, performance management, employee relations, and training and development.

In December 2019 Mr Cipriott was appointed Head (Corporate Services) at servizz.gov, where he is responsible, together with his team, for the Agency’s corporate issues ensuring the most effective and efficient use of human and financial resources.

Head (Corporate and Training) ​