The compilation of this eForm provides a single channel for individuals to register and commence operations as self-employed as it amalgamates all forms needed by the various local authorities/agencies into one submission.

What you'll get

The applicant shall receive the necessary numbers from the following Government Department / Entities:

1. VAT number/s – to register with the Revenue Department (VAT Department) in the event that the business activity is taxable;
2. PE number - to register as an employer with the Revenue Department(Inland Revenue Department) in the event that the activity will entail the engagement of employees during the initial stages;
3. Jobsplus Number – applicants are automatically registered with Jobsplus and an employer number is provided; and
4. The National Statistics Office are notified with the birth of a new business registration.


Applicants must hold a Maltese Citizenship with a valid Identity Card with all letters excluding 'A'.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

Once duly filled in and submitted, the data will be processed and the applicant will be provided through electronic means with the necessary registration numbers to be able to commence operations within 48 hours.

How to apply:
1. The applicant may apply using his/her ID Card and Document Number which is found at the back of the card;
2. The applicant may apply through the use of his/her eID.

Mandatory documentation:
• Practitioner acting on behalf of the company – a front and back copy of a Company’s Legal Director’s identification document.
• Self-registration using a valid Identity/Residence card and Document Numbers – a front and back copy of the applicant’s identification document.