The scheme encourages undertakings (including Start-ups, family businesses and self-employed) to invest in their business, so as to innovate, expand and develop their operations. Undertakings benefitting from this measure will be supported through a tax credit calculated as a percentage of eligible expenditure, which also covers increased in wage costs. 

What you'll get

Malta Enterprise may approve a tax credit equivalent to 45% of eligible expenditure in favour of each undertaking. An additional bonus of 20% (that is a total of 65% tax credit) applies to undertakings operating from Gozo.


Applications shall be accepted from undertakings which at point of application satisfy all of the following criteria:
 - During the year in which the costs were incurred, the undertaking did not employ more than fifty (50) full time employees in its trade or business (the data used to verify this condition is provided by Jobsplus).
 - The turnover or annual balance sheet total of the undertaking did not exceed 10 Million in the fiscal year preceding the year in which the application is submitted.
-  At the date of application, the undertaking must employ at least one (1) person (on full or part time basis) .
- Unless exempted, the undertaking should be duly registered with the VAT department

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

Applications should be made to the Corporation on completion of the project.

Applicants should submit the official application, together with all the requested supporting documentation as outlined in the form. Applicants may submit 1 application per year.

Documents Required

Application/Claim form filled directly online
Financial documents on costs  being claimed