The Market Surveillance Directorate is concerned with the safety of products used by people during the course of their life. With respect to this, the Market Surveillance Complaints Form allows one to file a complaint on the safety of products. These are divided into the following areas:

- children (eg safety of toys, playground and other items used by children);
- domestic and occupational (eg fire safety of electrical appliances, safety of DIY tools and communication equipment and safe use of domestic chemicals, safety of lifts);
- recreation (eg safety of engines used on recreational craft, media equipment and equipment used in amusement parks);
- personal care (eg s
afety of cosmetics and tattoo dyes)
- industry (eg safety of machinery, pesticides and fireworks)

What you'll get

The complaints form will be evaluated by the Market Surveillance Directorate. If necessary, inspectors will attend on site to investigate the reported product/s.


Consumers with complaints regarding product/s safety.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit,