This is an an application form intended for an authorisation of parallel imports for commercial use of plant protection products which are identical to an authorised plant protection product on the Maltese market. In this form it is required to provide information on the product and applicant, details of reference product, packaging, labelling and of product to be imported, confirmation of identicality such as original label and safety data sheets. The applicant is required to attach copies of the documents mentioned in the application form.

What you'll get

Once the application form is duly filled in and sent to the Regulatory Affairs Directorate within the MCCAA, your request will be evaluated and if the documentation received is correct MCCAA will proceed to issue an authorisation for commercial parallel imports of the plant protection product to be placed on the market.


The application form needs to be filled in by parties interested to obtain an authorisation of plant protection products through parallel imports for commercial use.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.