The Trust You Scheme was set up to facilitiate the building of a good relationshp, based on trust between consumers and sellers. The main objective of the scheme is to encourage and promote good commercial practices.

What you'll get

A certificate and stickers with the Trust Mark logo will be given to the applicants. These must be displayed in a prominent place in the establishment where consumers can see them. Each year, new stickers with the Trust Mark logo will be issued to indicate the current year.


The Trust You Scheme is voluntary, free of charge and is open to large and small businesses, to service providers and also to non-Government organisations selling products or providing a service to consumers.

Buisnesses that opt to subscribe to the Trust Mark Scheme commit themselves to comply with the Scheme's Code of Conduct. The Code represents and covers the whole service/product acquisition cycle.

Code of Conduct

1. Promoting a customer-friendly relationship
2. Conforming to all relevant regulations
3. Doing my best to ensure that the premises are accessible and safe
4. Advertising and providing information in a way that does not mislead potential customers
5. Trying to understand customer requirements and advise accordingly
6. Indicating/quoting prices that are all-inclusive
7. Adhering to agreed commitments
8. Ensuring that all complaints are dealt with in a timely manner
9. Avoiding if possible that disputes are referred to the Consumer Claims Tribunal by opting for resolution through mediation
10. Providing an adequate after-sales customer service

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.