These guidelines provide a framework for individuals seeking a determination of eligibility for the option provided by S.L Repatriation of Persons Established in a Field of Excellence Rules, as Subsidiary Legislation to the Income Tax Act (CAP. 123) of the Laws of Malta.

What you'll get

Eligible individuals may opt for an income tax rate of 15% which shall apply without possibility to claim any relief, deduction, reduction, credit or set-off of any kind. 


To be eligible, the Applicant must be;
- an individual who has  been ordinarily resident in Malta for at least twenty (20) years but have not been ordinarily resident in Malta for the ten (10) consecutive years prior to their return in Malta and has  a qualifying employment contract resulting in a minimum amount of employment income chargeable to tax of at least €75,000 per annum (excluding fringe benefits). 

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit. 

Documents Required

Application Form