Collecting Societies have the authority to license copyrighted works and collect royalties as part of compulsory licensing, or individual licences negotiated on behalf of their members. Collecting Societies collect royalty payments from users of copyrighted works and distribute royalties to copyright owners.

What you'll get

The possibility to register a Collecting Society.


The authorisation of the Copyright Board must be obtained in order for the Collecting Society to operate in Malta.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

Together with:
i) A copy of the statutes of the collecting society.
ii) The regulations of the collecting society concerning the system of collection and distribution of fees and equitable remuneration.
iii) A proposed tariff of all royalties to be collected by the collecting society.
iv) A declaration stating the number of persons who have entrusted or undertaken to entrust the collecting society with the administration of their economic rights at the time of the said declaration.
v) A list of contracts with other foreign or local collecting societies regarding the administration of rights.