The Agency organises family writing activities approximately once a month for children and their families. Such activities give families a taste of the writing process in a hands-on setting, tapping into their creativity to create a story, advertisement, or poem, and write together as a family.

During such activities families will:

• participate in a writing on-site activity;
• write together as a family in a fun and relaxed setting;
• create positive experiences of writing;
• link writing to everyday activities;
• be given examples of writing strategies parents/guardians can implement with their children at home.

What you'll get

Parents/guardians select whether they wish to attend the writing activity in Maltese or English. These one and a half hour writing activities are organised in a range of different settings across Malta and Gozo including museums, public gardens, on the beach etc.


The target group are primary and middle schoolchildren and their families. However, the age range for each writing activity may differ depending on the nature of the activity. This information will be available on the poster for each writing activity.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

Parents/guardians may also book by contacting the Agency on 2598 3318, sending a message through Facebook page 'Xalati ta’ Kitba' or via email on [email protected].