The Anti-Bullying Service provides the necessary action needed in order to tackle bullying behaviour. Each member of the team works hand in hand with a specific set of Colleges in Malta and Gozo, and supports and carries out interventions, as well as prevention and awareness-raising sessions.

What you'll get

Services Offered


  • one-to-one sessions with individuals involve;
  • small group sessions;
  • tailor made sessions to tackle various situations;
  • class interventions;
  • information & training sessions for school staff;
  • creating initiatives in schools - promoting a whole school approach;
  • information talks with parents;
  • Senior Management Team meetings;
  • referral to other members of the Psychosocial team;
  • collaborative work with other professionals/entities


Bullying can take these forms:


  • Physical - hitting, poking, tripping or pushing, etc.
  • Verbal - name calling, insults, abuse, etc.
  • Social - lies, spreading rumours, mimicking, deliberately excluding someone (ostracizing), etc.
  • Psychological - threatening, manipulating, stalking behaviour, etc.
  • Cyber - using technology such as messages, email, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, chat rooms, networking sites - to bully verbally, socially and/or psychologically.


What happens when there is a bullying incident at school?


  • The learner needs to speak to a trusted adult at school.
  • This adult is then responsible to refer the information to the School Leadership Team, who might also refer the case to the guidance teachers .
  • If the problem persists a referral form to the Anti-Bullying Service is filled in, and then further interventions are carried out by a member of this service.


What happens when Cyber bullying takes place?


  • Save any messages, chats, pictures: take a screenshot or ‘save as’.
  • If possible, print the evidence.
  • Inform the school and present the evidence.
  • Lodge a report at your local police station - take the evidence!
  • The Cyber Crime police unit or Vice Squad will take the necessary action once report is filed.



Students from Year 1 to Form 5.

How to apply

Send an email.


The referral form is filled in by the Head of School or by his/her delegate or the guidance teacher that needs to refer a student to this service.