After 2 years of practising the teaching profession, teachers who are in possession of a teaching qualification recognised by the Council for Teaching Profession (CTP) are requested to apply for a teacher's permanent warrant in terms of Article 24.

Persons who are in possession of a Master's degree or a comparable degree and have registered for such qualification prior to 29 July 2008 may also apply for a permanent warrant in terms of Article 41. Persons who prior to the 29 July 2008 have practised the teaching profession for at least 8 years in a school may also apply for a permanent warrant in terms of Article 41 on completion of 15 years teaching experience.

What you'll get

Teacher's permanent warrant.


Persons who satisfy Article 24 or 41 of the Education Act found on the following link

How to apply

Complete the online form found on the Council’s website . Please make sure to upload all required documents in PDF format as per below.

Documents required

i) Scanned copy of the receipt provided by the Police Criminal Record office when applying for the Complete Criminal Record Search (Fedina Penali). Applicants who have been residing in Malta for a period of less than 10 years will be requested to provide the Council with a Police Records Search from their country of origin.

ii) PDF copies of all qualifications declared are to include certificate of Degree and Europass Diploma Supplement/official detailed transcript.

iii) If you are in possession of a qualification awarded by a university or institution other than University of Malta, MCAST or the Institute for Education, a recognition statement on comparability of qualifications issued by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) is requested.

iv) Declaration by the Head of School for teachers who are in employment.  The form can be downloaded through the following link https://education.gov.mt/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Declaration-by-Head-of-School-PW-Eng.pdf.



For Church and Independent Schools Only

  • Statement from Heads of School indicating commencement and termination (only if applicable) dates of employment, as well as whether the applicant availed him/herself of any unpaid leave (only if applicant has changed schools over the past 2 years).


  • A pdf copy of the Induction Portfolio/reports by appraisers will be required when declaring that employment during these 2 years was completed with a church or independent school.