This service is intended for those who wish to apply for AQA examinations.

AQA examinations cover GCE (previously known as A-Levels) only.

What you'll get

The general public are given the opportunity to apply for AQA examinations.


The general public.

How to apply

Online application:

Candidates in possession of a Maltese e-ID account access the website here and login in with their e-ID account and choose “AQA” as applicable.

Personal details available from the e-ID will be filled in automatically, although the address may be amended by candidate. Additional details are added by the candidate.

Candidates must choose if they are applying by school (in the case of Form 5 students) or as a private candidate.

Candidates choose all the applicable subjects by pressing “add subject” after each one chosen.

When the candidate is satisfied that all chosen subjects are correctly listed, the candidate clicks on “submit” and then proceed with the payment.

Documents Required

A Maltese ID card, in possession of a Maltese e-ID account.