The National Commission for Further and Higher Education is responsible for licensing further and higher education institutes, and accrediting educational programmes to the Malta Qualifications Framework as outlined in Subsidiary Legislation 327.433.

What you'll get

The Commission issues licences for providers to operate as a further and higher education institute offering MQF accredited programmes and/or foreign awarded programmes.


For a provider to be eligible for a licence, the following criteria need to be in place:

1. At least 1 accredited programme (homegrown or foreign awarded) on the Malta Qualifications Framework and European Qualification Framework;
2. Qualified academic staff (CVs and a scanned copy of main qualification(s) together with an MQRIC);
3. A document which describes the Internal Quality Assurance processes. Please refer to the document indicated here: Internal Quality Assurance Framework;
4. Approved teaching premises (please refer to communication ACC/02/2017).

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.