Third country nationals can apply from exemption of fees of state learning institutions if they are so entitled according to Law. Categories of applicants may include asylum seekers, refugees, refused asylum seekers until deported, persons in possession of single permits or a blue card, as well as family members and dependents of those entitled. Fees may also be waived on humanitarian grounds for persons not otherwise entitled.

What you'll get

Exemption from fees for 1 year renewable under same conditions as those governing nationals and EU citizens in accordance with the applicable legislation.


Those eligible should be holders of:
i) Refugee status.
ii) Subsidiary Protection.
iii) Temporary Humanitarian Protection.
iv) Asylum seekers.
v) Failed asylum seekers until deported.
vi) TCN single permit.
vii) Long-term resident and other resident schemes.
viii) Spouses and dependants of the above.
ix) TCN married to EU and Maltese Citizens and their dependants.

Those who cannot apply include:
i) Study permit holders.
ii) Holders not in possession of a Maltese residence permit.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

Required documents:
i) Residence permit card/passport.
ii) Birth certificate of the student.
iii) Marriage certificate of parents if applicable.
iv) Refugee commission card if applicable.
v) Police conduct if applicable.
vi) Evidence of Course of study concerned.