Supplementary Allowances are additional monetary funds awarded to students facing certain circumstances of proven hardship, including financial difficulties.

What you'll get

Students found eligible for Supplementary Allowances, and who are already in receipt of stipends, will receive the following:

a) Supplementary Stipend Rates – These are credited to students every 4 weeks in additional rates to the normal stipend. Deductions to these rates may be effected due to absenteeism from lectures.

b) The Supplementary Grant - This award is given once to students who are found eligible for Supplementary Alowances and who are studying at MQF Levels 5 or 6.


The Students' Maintenance Grants’ Board (SMGB) determines eligibility for Supplementary Allowances by utilising a means test based on total household income, on the basis of one academic year.

The students’ total household income, which is based on documentation uploaded by the student, includes income from work, social benefits received and any maintenance received.

The SMGB may assess certain cases on a sui generis basis.

All requested documentation is to be uploaded to the online application for Students' Maintenance Grants.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

Applicants are to proceed to Page 3 of the online application and select one reason for which they are requesting Students' Maintenance Grants. They may also type comments/clarifications in the relative textbox. Students are then to proceed to Page 4 and upload the requested documentation for Supplementary Allowances.