The GEM16+ educational learning centre offers an intensive learning programme which includes:

• English;
• Maths;
• Maltese;
• Choice between ECDL, Physics or Biology.

What you'll get

Students attending GEM16+ will;

• Receive a stipend and grant;
• Have their student work at GEM16+ recognised by MCAST, ITS and upon fulfilling certain conditions within the programme.


Interested applicants should ideally have 1 of the following:

• Completed their Secondary School Education and preferably have a Secondary School Certificate and Profile (SSC&P);
• Sat for their SEC exams in the core subjects (English, Maths, Maltese);
• Obtained a 6 or 7 in their SEC core subjects;
• Obtained a pass mark (1-5) in a SEC subjects.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.