The Sport Scholarship Scheme aims to stimulate the promotion of sport at a professional level, and to promote the development of high performance athletes who will eventually represent Malta in international competitions. The elevation of the status of sports in Malta will not only bring about a wider international recognition with positive economic benefit for the tourism industry but will also encourage the uptake of sport and physical activity across the country resulting in overall improvement in health and well-being of the population as a whole.

What you'll get

The possibility to benefit from a scholarship.


The Malta Sport Scholarship Scheme is intended to target students falling under 2 main categories:

a) Sports Specialisation Scheme: athletes who intend to pursue a professional qualification to specialise and/or improve their level of skill and performance in their chosen field of sport or to further their career in the coaching and training of others.

b) Professional and Vocational Qualification Scheme: Students who intend to pursue an academic qualification in the field of sport with a Recognised Higher Education Institution.

The scheme is also available for applicants of 11 years of age and beyond. In such cases, the legal custodian shall be bound to sign a separate declaration confirming that the minor will continue to pursue compulsory education during the Scholarship period. In such instance, parents and legal custodians should apply in the name of their children.

Furthermore, applicants awarded a Sport Scholarship shall be available to commence their programme/course/qualification by no later than 31 December of the respective year.

How to apply

When a call for scholarships opens, applicants are to access, read the regulations thoroughly, and apply and submit the online application available on website https://education.gov.mt/myscholarships/.   This needs to be filled and submitted by the deadline specified in the respective scheme regulations. It is important that applicants have an active eID account.

Required documents:
i) Curriculum Vitae (CV);
ii) Evaluation/Recognition Statement issued by the MFHEA;
iii) Transcript or qualifications;
iv) Unconditional Letter of Acceptance;
v) Signed nomination form by your representative National Sports Organisation or Club;
vi) Certificate of evidence of the applicant’s participation in a youth development scheme for a minimum period of 3 years
vii) Card issued by the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) (If applicable);
viii Personal Profile Report, if any, work experience or voluntary service in Sport as per sample attached with the regulations. (Template available on website);
ix) ) Signed Declaration by Parents/Guardians confirming that the applicant will continue compulsory education (if the applicant is under the age of 16 by the closing date of the application);