The ENDEAVOUR Scholarships Scheme supports good quality tertiary education at Postgraduate Level and to ensure that the Maltese labour market is supplied with the right individuals, in order to guarantee that it is in a better position to compete at an international level. The scheme is aimed to support those pursuing this path to succeed both at the level of education attainment as well as contributing effectively towards the economy.

Postgraduate education forms an increasingly important part of any country’s economic and social agenda. It supplies a key element of many people’s continuing professional development.

What you'll get

The possibility to benefit from a scholarship.


The scheme is intended to target young students and adult learners alike, who are being encouraged to pursue their studies at MQF Level 7 or at MQF Level 8, being academic hence at Masters/PhD level or other vocational qualification that leads to MQF Level 7 or 8.

However, applicants who are already in possession of a Level 7 Masters Degree can only apply for a Level 8 programme. On the other hand, applicants who are already in possession of a Level 8 Doctoral Degree/Professional Doctorate or comparable qualification to Level 8 are not eligible to apply under this scheme.

Applicants must not be in possession of a degree at the same level of which they are applying for under this scheme. Thus, applicants must be applying for a higher level qualification than the one already attained.

Furthermore, the ENDEAVOUR Scholarships Scheme consists of 2 distinguished categories, that is; Group A and Group B:

i) Category Group A is replacing the STEPS and the MASTER it! ESF Projects; and

ii) Category Group B is replacing what used to be called the Malta Government Scholarships Scheme more commonly known as the MGSS Postgraduate Scheme.

Hence, the ENDEAVOUR Group A is now part-financed by the European Union and Group B is locally funded.

Both categories/groups are bound with the same set of regulations but they differ when it comes to programme of studies start dates, duration of studies and the priority areas linked to each group.

This means that applicants who are currently undergoing an MQF Level 7 or MQF Level 8 (as applicable) programme of studies are not eligible to apply under Category A, but can only apply under Category B (See clause 4.1.6 of the ENDEAVOUR Regulations).

Also applicants awarded a scholarship shall be available to commence their programme/course /qualification leading to MQF Level 7 or MQF Level 8 through the year of the particular call but by no later than 31 December of the respective year.

How to apply

When a call for scholarships opens, an online application is to be filled and submitted by the deadline specified in the respective scheme regulations.

Required documents:

i) Curriculum Vitae (CV);
ii) Evaluation/Recognition Statement issued by the NCFHE;
iii) Transcript;
iv) Unconditional Letter of Acceptance;
v) Copy of Statement by Applicants applying under Group A that s/he intends completing the course in time;
vi) Card issued by the Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b’Diżabilità (KNPD);
vii) Permanent Residence Certificate;
viii) A copy of the acknowledgement from the University/Universities applied for;
ix) Personal Profile (applicable for those applying under the Arts Scheme);
x) Signed Declaration by Parents/Guardians authorising applicant to participate in the scheme if the applicant is under the age of 18 by the closing date of the application (applicable for those applying under the Arts and Sport Scheme);
xi) Signed nomination from their respective Sport Organisation or Club (applicable for those applying under the Sport Scheme);
xii) In the case of applicants applying for training programmes in Sport (short programmes), evidence of participation at national or international level in the applicant’s field sport should be provided (applicable for those applying under the Sport Scheme);
xiii) Sport Profile report including a record of Sport participation and achievements or evidence (if any) in work experience or voluntary service in Sport of no longer than 2 A4 pages as per sample attached with the Application Form (applicable for those applying under the Sport Scheme);