To practice as a veterinary surgeon in Malta, one must register and get a warrant.

What you'll get

Acknowledgement that the form has been accepted, followed by an acceptance or otherwise by the Veterinary Surgeons’ Council for the award of a Warrant.


Any individual who has successfully followed a course in Veterinary Medicine for a minimum of 5 years.

How to apply

Fill in the form online and submit.

Or type in the form, print, sign and send to:
Veterinary Surgeons’ Council
c/o Veterinary and Phytosanitary Regulation Division, Main Building Room 4, Abattoir Street,
Marsa MRS 1123
Or send via email to: [email protected]

Required documents:
i) A certified true copy of the qualification/s.
ii) Birth certificate.
iii) Recent Police Conduct certificate.
iv) Marriage certificate (if applicable).
v) A certified true copy of the state exam (if applicable).
vi) A certified true copy of long-term residence permit (for Non-EU Citizens).
vii) A certified true copy of ETC Work Permit (in case of non-Maltese Citizens).
viii) Copies of existing warrant and proof from the relevant authorities and that there is no disciplinary action against applicant and that the applicant is still registered in that country (if applicable).
ix) A statement were one will be working and the duration of the stay (foreign veterinarians).
x) A Curriculum Vitae.

If the documents are not in Maltese or English, they need to be accompanied by a translation into Maltese or English.