This document outlines the exemption application process for registration and, or approval as a dairy establishment under Legal Notice 321 of 2022 (L.N. 321 of 2022).

What you'll get

Following the submission of your application, the Milk Hygiene Section will conduct a thorough review process. Upon completion, you will receive a written notification outlining the decision on the application's status (approval or rejection).


Producers whose herds solely produce milk not intended for human consumption processing are eligible to apply for this exemption.

How to apply

  1. Online Submission: Complete and submit the online application form.
  2. Offline Submission: 
    • Download and print the application form.
    • Seek assistance from a legal professional (e.g., notary) to complete the form.
    • Submit the completed form to: 
Veterinary Regulation Directorate 
Milk Hygiene Section
Abattoir Square
Albert Town 
Marsa MRS1123