The Domestic Cisterns Restoration scheme is administered by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services to further encourage the harvesting and use of rainwater in the domestic sector. This scheme is funded through national funds and applies to private individuals (natural persons) for use on their residential properties, and for organisations that are not carrying out an economic activity.

What you'll get

A monetary grant.


Prospective applicants are invited to refer to the Guidelines to Applicants

How to apply

The application form is divided in two parts. Applicants must complete Part A of the application with their personal details. Part A must be completed and submitted to the REWS prior to restoration works. 2018 Domestic Cisterns Restoration Scheme • Part A to be completed before works are carried out. Launch Application Online. 1.2: Application – Part B – 2018 Domestic Cisterns Restoration Scheme Upon completion of restoration works, applicants are required to submit Part B application together with the necessary supporting documentation. 2018 Domestic Cisterns Restoration Scheme • Part B to be completed after installation and commissioning. Launch Application Online. 2. Means of Authentication, Identification and Signature 1. Details of Identity card or Residence Document; 2. Handwritten signature of applicant required on the application form; 3. Water and Electricity issued by ARMS Ltd for the project location 3. Type of Evidence to be Submitted For Part A 1. Copy of the Identity Card or Residence Document of the applicant; 2. Copy of the Water and Electricity invoice issued by ARMS Ltd for the project location; 3. Quotation for the equipment; 4. Signed application form. For Part B 1. Original Fiscal receipts; 2. Photographs of the rating plates of technologies installed; 3. Photographs of the installation site; 4. Photocopy of PA Permit (where required); 5. Photocopy of five (5) year guarantee for the system; 6. Commissioning certificate issued by installer; 7. Signed application form.