Through the Guaranteed Service Standards Scheme, the Water Services Corporation (WSC) pledges to provide a continuous supply of water to its customers. In the eventuality of a disruption in the water supply, the WSC commits itself to restore the supply of water within 48 hours in case of a suspension due to maintenance, and within 72 hours in case of a suspension due to extraordinary events.

What you'll get

In the case that the pledges made by the WSC are not honoured and the water supply is not restored by the stipulated timeframes, the WSC offers an alternative supply of water upon request. If WSC does not honour such requests, and a GSS application is submitted by the customer, the WSC shall endevour to compensate such customers by crediting their account. This is subject to terms and conditions stipulated in the scheme.


Customers affected by the suspension of the water supply as described in the GSS scheme.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

You have to register via eID through WSC Live if you are not already registered with the eID, and activate your account through the email sent from WSC Live.