Request an up-to-date bill by filling this application. Such an application is normally submitted when a customer needs a recent reading and bill in hand or to bring estimated readings in line with actual meter readings. There is a fee of €2.33 for each service (water or electric) which is charged to the account on the bill issued.

What you'll get

Up-to-date bill according to the readings provided by the customer or by the meter reader. This is handy, for example, after a change of tenancy to ensure that the final bill issued for the outgoing tenant is in line with the readings of the meter provided when the final bill is issued on readings submitted by the tenants.


All account holders who need an up-to-date bill can apply. Apart from requesting a visit from a meter reader, an up-to-date bill can be requested online or by sending an email/photos of the metre readings to [email protected]. Customers are to ensure that all readings for all meters are submitted.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.