The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is the passport to free or reduced emergency necessary cost for medical treatment in public hospitals needed during temporary visits in European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland. The purpose of the EHIC is to facilitate access to medical care during the holder's temporary stay in another Member State and to speed up reimbursement of the costs incurred. The EHIC is free and complements private insurance but is not a substitute for it. Private insurance is highly recommended. For more detailed information about the EHIC click here.

What you'll get

The Entitlement Unit will process the EHIC application and the EHIC will be received within 5 working days from receipt of complete application. The EHIC covers any treatment necessary on medical grounds under the state healthcare system of the country the person is visiting. This includes emergency treatment, maternity care and treatment of a chronic disease or pre-existing illness


  • Persons who are ordinarily residing in Malta and are covered by the national Social Security legislation.
  • EU Full-time students are entitled to the EHIC covering the necessary benefits for healthcare during the period of study. For more information please email us at [email protected].
  • Holders of a valid MT Permanent Residence document.
  • EU Citizens in a cross-border situation for whom Malta is the competent institution.

How to apply

Apply online by clicking apply or download the MT Health Entitlement mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store. This can also be accessed from maltapps mobile application under Health & Community Care. A separate application form is needed for each person, with the exception of children under 16. The application form should reach the Entitlement Unit at least 15 working days prior to departure date to allow for the processing and postage of the card to take place.


Automatic Renewal of EHIC

As of March 2023, EHICs are being automatically renewed one (1) month before its expiry date based on your entitlement to public healthcare in Malta. Your renewed EHIC Card will be send via post to your residential address.


If your EHIC expired before March 2023, you are required to apply for a new EHIC by clicking apply.