A new service have been introduced whereby a Maltese National or a foreigner having an appointment with a medical doctor, after being referred to Mater Dei by a generic practitioner, can reschedule their appointment at the hospital should he /she is not available at the date and / or time specified. This will reduce the need to try to contact different units within hospital and one can submit form at any time of day.

What you'll get

New Appointment


Maltese Nationals or foreigners having an appointment with a medical doctor, after being referred to Mater Dei by a generic practitioner

How to apply

One can request a rescheduling of an appointment online. The approximate time to fill in the online form shall take approximately five (5) minutes. On submission, the applicant shall receive a system generated acknowledgement email. The request is registered and the Booking Office takes approximately three (3) working days to reschedule the appointment. Once a new date and time has been set and email is sent automatically to the patient to inform him/her about the new appointment. The details of the new appointment are also sent by post on the address specified during the filling in of the request. The Booking Office has an internal benchmark of fourteen (14) working days between the date of receipt of the application and the date by when the appointment is rescheduled and the letter with the new appointment is posted to the intended recipient.

The personal data used to reschedule the appointment are ID Card / Residency Permit / Hospital Number, Name and Surname, Email Address, Appointment Reference Number, Current Appointment Date and Time, Current Clinic, Appointment Type, Postponement Reason,. The following documents are required to be attached: Current Appointment Letter, Proof of Identity, and Ticket of Referral (if it is a new case).