When travelling to Malta the above-mentioned family members require a valid passport in order to do so.

If the third country nationals concerned holds a residence card showing that they are family members of such nationals, and if such document was issued by a non-Schengen state, they will not require a visa to do so provided they are accompanying or joining the EU, EEA or Swiss national.

On the other hand if they hold such a document issued by a Schengen member state on the strength that they are family members who are exercising their right of free movement in the State which issued the document, or else hold a resident permit issued by that state, notwithstanding that they are not joining the said EU, EEA or Swiss national they do not require a visa to enter Malta.

Family members, who require a visa to enter Malta, and are not in possession of any of the above-mentioned documents, in order to travel to Malta require such visa to do so. If they are entering Malta accompanying their EU, EEA or Swiss national family member such visa will granted in a facilitated manner and free of charge. If this is not the case such facilitation shall not be applied and the visa application by the third country national will be processed in accordance with the normal visa procedure applicable for third country nationals.

What you'll get

Residence permit.


Third Country nationals. This form should be completed by a sponsor* for family reunification purposes in terms of the Family Reunification Regulations, 2007, in respect of the spouse or child. *A third country national residing lawfully in Malta who applies for the members of his family to join him/her for family reunification purposes.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.