A residence permit application by a third country national.
i) ‘Applicant’ refers to a person who is already residing in Malta.
ii) Applying for a residence permit

a) Persons who are already residing in Malta and who are indicated on the same application should apply immediately for a residence permit.
b) Persons who have just taken up residence in Malta and who are prospective long-term residents should also apply immediately for a residence permit.
c) Persons who wish to apply for the renewal of their permit should do so possibly 3 months prior to the expiry of the current permit.
d) Persons who have previously resided in Malta should confirm this by filling the appropriate field under Section 1: Personal Details.

What you'll get

Residence permit.


Third Country Nationals. This form should be completed by a Non-EU/EEA citizen who is:
i) employed;
ii) self-employed;
iii) studying at an educational establishment;
iv) economically self-sufficient;
v) retired;
vi) in Malta for other purposes.

How to apply

Applications, with all the supporting documentation, must be submitted in person to the Maltese Citizenship Office at:
Identità Malta
Evans Building
St Elmo's Square

The relevant list of supporting documentation is found on the application form.