This form is used by every Maltese citizen when applying for a Maltese passport for the first time, renewing or for the issuing of a new passport following a report of loss, theft or damage.

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What you'll get

A Maltese passport.


Maltese citizens.

How to apply

In line with Article 5 (1) of Subsidiary Legislation 61.02 entitled Passports Regulations, an application shall be lodged with the passport officer together with the photographs, biometric data and other documents required as stated in the application form. In Article 3 of the same Subsidiary Legislation it is stated that Form A has to be filled in own handwriting with blue or black ink.

For security reasons and following ICAO standards setting out the specifications for Machine Readable Travel Documents, biometrics are taken through live enrolment via capture devices such as fingerprint scanners, photographs scanner, live-capturing cameras adhering to certain criteria and procedures defined for the capture process. Captured biometrics are then encoded in the chip of the passport issued.

Print and fill in the form. The applications, together with all necessary documents are to be taken personally to one of the following offices and have their facial biometric image and fingerprints captured:

The Passports Office

Onda Building,

Aldo Moro Road,

Marsa. MRS 9065. Malta


Ministry for Gozo
Administrative Building
St. Francis Square
Victoria, Gozo

In cases where Maltese Nationals are living overseas, they are to personally take their application to one of the nearest Maltese representations.