This form must be presented together with Form A whenever the live-biometric image of the applicant cannot be taken.

What you'll get

An exemption so that the application can proceed without the applicant’s presence.


Persons who cannot attend in person at the Passports Office due to serious medical or health conditions.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form

1) If you cannot attend in person at our offices due to serious medical or health reasons, you must ask a relative to represent you. Light or transitory medical conditions are not accepted as due justification for not attending personally at our offices.

2) Complete all necessary information on Form A.

3) Get the Image Capture Form (Form I) from our offices or from our website (https://identitymalta.com/passport-office/). Affix a recent photo in the appropriate box. The quality of the photo has to be according to the notes listed in Form A of the application and has to be not older than three months. Sign the form. It is important that the photo is signed by the recommender.

4) Send a relative with the following:

a. Form A
b. Your photo that must be signed by your doctor
c. The Image Capture Application Form (Form I)
d. Your current passport, and
e. Your Maltese Identity Card

i. Send your medical certificate (approved by your doctor) describing your medical condition and explaining the reasons why you cannot apply for and collect the passport in person. The person entrusted with applying for and collecting your passport has to be indicated on the medical certificate. The photos and the medical certificate that are sent shall remain as part of our official records and will not be returned.

ii. The relative entrusted with your application needs to bring his/her identity card.

iii. Once your photos are deemed to meet the international standards, your relative shall be asked to pay the fees of the application.

iv. After four processing days, your relative must come to collect the passport. He/she needs to present his/her identity card together with yours.