The Active Ageing Centres offer opportunities for older adults to remain physically, mentally and socially active. These centres enable senior citizens to meet other people their age and enjoy themselves during the activities organised. Each centre offers a varied programme of activities which include talks, outings, a variety of games and lifelong learning programmes and sessions. Apart from promoting socialisation and entertainment, these centres are hubs where the individual can learn in an informal way and share their skills with others.

What you'll get

  • The opportunity to meet new people or old friends in a friendly atmosphere, where one can both relax and engage in creative, social, physical and educational activities
  • Talks on various topics and a variety of sessions which include physical exercises, dancing, crafts, first aid, IT (Information Technology) and even intergenerational activities where both students and the elderly are invited to interact and share experiences
  • The opportunity to engage in outdoor and cultural activities


General eligibility criteria:

  • Persons aged 60 and over. These Active Ageing Centres are not suitable for persons with a high level of dependency.
  • Applications from other persons are considered on an individual basis


How to apply

Required documentation:
  • Filled in application form including the medical report signed by the patient’s general practitioner. Click here to download the medical report

The service is against a monthly payment:

Per person:

Once Weekly€2.33
Twice Weekly€3.49
3 times weekly€4.66
4 or 5 times weekly€5.82

Per couple:

Once Weekly€3.50
Twice Weekly€5.82
3 times weekly€8.16
4 or 5 times weekly€10.48

Per person (if residing at a Home for the Elderly):

Once Weekly€1.17
Twice Weekly€2.33
3 times weekly€3.50
4 or 5 times weekly€4.66

Fill in and submit the application online