Dementia Activity Centres (DACs) are situated in different localities in Malta and Gozo and provide day and night care that is specifically designed to cater for the needs of persons living with dementia. DACs provide respite and support and relieve caregiver burden whilst providing therapeutic activities to the persons with dementia. Several studies have demonstrated that caregivers of relatives with dementia who use dementia activity centres experience lower levels of caregiving-related stress and better psychological well-being than control groups not using this service. Trained professional carers also facilitate and provide therapy to those that attend the centres and this directly helps to manage the consequences of the condition.

What you'll get

The person applying to make use of the DACs will be assessed by nurses of the Dementia Intervention Team to see that the applicant is eligible for the service. Eligible applicants will be able to attend up to 3 times a week at a Dementia Activity Centre of their choice. The days offered are subject to availability at the time. The DACs opening hours are from 07:30-18:30 during the day and 19:00-07:00 during the night. Applicants who choose to attend during the day cannot attend during the night, and vice-versa.

The applicant and his/her caregivers are then invited to an orientation visit at the centre and centre’s coordinator will assess the applicant and sets up a care plan that will be used while he/she is attending the centre. The days when the applicant will be attending will be agreed upon during the orientation visit. After the orientation visit, the applicant will be able to attend the centre on the agreed upon days and times.


A diagnosis of dementia by the patient’s doctor or consultant geriatrician.

How to apply

Required documentation:

  • Filled in application form including the Medical Report signed by the general practitioner or a consultant geriatrician. Click here to download the Medical Report.

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.