Guardianship is a legal relationship between a person who has a disability or a mental disorder and another person called the Guardian. The purpose of Guardianship is to provide support to the person in managing their own affairs, and to advocate for their rights and best interests.

What you'll get

A Guardian is a person who is appointed by the Guardianship Board to manage the affairs of another person who is not capable of managing their affairs, due to disability or mental disorder. The Guardian may be given the authority to manage personal and/or financial matters. There may be more than one Guardian representing a person.

Guardians who may be a family member or a close friend, assist people in making personal, lifestyle, financial and health-related decisions and may act on behalf of the person in order to safeguard their interests. Guardianship orders specify the areas in which the Guardian can make decisions.


• A legally appointed Guardian must be at least 18 years of age
• Must be a resident in Malta
• Consent to act as Guardian to the person about whom the application is being made
• Be prepared to act in the person's best interests at all times and encourage the person's independence, personal decision-making and participation in community life
• Not in a position where their own interests conflict with the best interests of the represented person

Required documents:

• Copies of ID cards of the person who will be subject to Guardianship and the person applying for Guardianship
• Birth certificate of the person who will be subject to Guardianship
• Certificate of conduct of the person/s applying for Guardianship
• Medical Report relating to the person who will be subject to Guardianship. To access the Medical report, please click here
• Signed and dated statement by applicant of the movable and immovable assets of the person who will be subject to Guardianship • Signed and dated statement by the applicant of the income and liabilities of the person who will be subject to Guardianship

How to apply

Print and fill in the application and send to:

The Registrar
1, Triq Patri Gwann Azzopardi
Santa Venera SVR 1614