The Sonia Tanti Independent Living Centre (STILC) is Malta’s first independent living centre and forms part of CRPD (Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability). The centre provides persons with disability and their families with advice, information, and training in order to achieve, regain or maintain their independence mainly by owning the means to one's own mobility.

What you'll get

The STILC is divided into four sections:

• Wheelchairs and Seating Units - clients are assessed by occupational therapists and physiotherapists who give them personalised advice and help them choose the right solution to their needs from a variety of wheelchairs

• Adaptive Driving Assessment Training Unit - occupational therapists assess the clients’ ability to drive by using a driving simulator

• Equipment Demonstration Unit - clients using this Unit may try out various aids that may help them in their everyday life, both at home and at work

• Other Services - a helpline that guides disabled people and their families who phone or email the Independent Living Centre regarding equipment and services that are best suited for their needs. It also offers an Outreach Service to disabled people and their families in Gozo


Persons with disability and their families.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.