Free Medical Aid (Pink Form) is awarded to an eligible person and is means tested, or a person who is in receipt of Social Assistance; Social Assistance for Single Parents, Unemployment Assistance; Non Contributory Age Pension or Increased Severe Disability Assistance and Severe Disability Assistance. Persons aged eighty (80) or over, and in receipt of the Supplementary Allowance, are automatically eligible for the Free Medical Aid (Pink Form).

Moreover, Free Medical Aid (Pink Form) may be awarded to a fostered child living with a family or a student attending full-time education for which school attendance is confirmed by means of a document from the faculty / or educational institution.

What you'll get

The Person Responsible for Household may be entitled to such Free Medical Aid as is specified such as drugs, spectacles, dentures and other prosthetic aids as in the opinion of the Chief Government Medical Officer.


General eligibility criteria:

  • Free Medical Aid (Pink Form) is awarded to the Person Responsible for Household.
  • The Capital resources for a couple must not exceed twenty-three thousand and three hundred euro (€23,300) and fourteen thousand euro (€14,000) for a single person.
  • Income from gainful employment for a single employed person must not exceed one-hundred ninety five euro and ninety-six cents (€195.96) per week (plus additional €8.15 (eight euro and fifteen cents) per every additional person). Moreover, income from gainful employment for a couple must not exceed two-hundred and four euro and eleven cents (€204.11) per week (plus an additional eight euro and fifteen cents (€8.15) per every additional person in addition to the couple living within the same household).
  • Income for a single pensioner must not exceed (two-hundred euro and thirty-four cents (€200.34) per week and for a couple pensioners, income must not exceed two-hundred twenty four euro and twenty-five cents (€224.25) per week.

The Free Medical Aid (Pink Form) is renewable as follows:

  • On a yearly basis, for an applicant over the age of sixty (60) years, and for an applicant receiving Increased Severe Disability Assistance and Severe Disability Assistance.
  • Every four (4) months, for an applicant under sixty (60) years of age.
  • Patients suffering from Diabetes and diagnosed prior March 2013 and refused to convert to Yellow Card issued by the Health Department have been awarded the Pink Form for life.

Yellow Card (Schedule V):

  • A person who is suffering from a chronic disease may be eligible for a Yellow Card (Schedule V). The Yellow Card (Schedule V) is not means tested and is issued by the Department of Health and not by the Department of Social Security. The Department of Health website can be accessed by clicking here.

How to apply

General documentation:

  • Bank Statements of all local and foreign bank accounts.
  • Relative documents re value of any Stocks/Shares/Bonds and the income derived thereof.
  • Market value of any vacant property in Malta and/or abroad (not being House of Residence and/or Summer Residence).
  • Copy of rent receipt/rent agreement if house of residence is rented.
  • Copy of rent agreement if rent is derived from other properties.
  • Relative statements / documents re income derived from foreign pensions.
  • Copy of payslip if in employment.

How to apply

An applicant can visit one of servizz.gov hubs.