This service shows blue medical certificates submitted to the Department of Social Security for the previous five (5) years. The blue medical certificates are listed according to year and presented chronologically.

A blue medical certificate for a long-term sickness, may be submitted to the Department of Social Security every fourteen (14) days.

A person is not required to submit a blue medical certificate to the Department of Social Security if the period of illness is three (3) days or less. Hence, a certificate of three (3) days or less will not be listed in this service.

What you'll get

Once authenticated, the beneficiary will access a list of his / her medical certificates. Whilst medical certificates themselves are no indication of Sickness Benefit claims, however they provide information on the certificates submitted to the Department of Social Security. Only those blue medical certificates of the past five (5) years which have been vetted by the backoffice section are visible from this service.

You can still access the information on the blue medical certificate from this same service for the previous five (5) years whether or not the sickness benefit claim is processed. This information includes: the Certificate Number; the dates of examination by the doctor, when you worked last, when you returned to work and when the certificate was received by the department; if there was the claimant’s signature, the doctor’s name, registration number and signature; what type of medical condition and the status of the certificate type.

From the Payments Related Services mService, one can view any sickness benefit paid in the past 5 years related to the blue medical certificates submitted. However in instances where employers / companies have an agreement with the Department of Social Security to have the Sickness Benefit paid directly to the employer / company, instead of payment to the beneficiary, the payments are not visible from this menu. Such instances include Government Departments and Entities, where the employee will not have his/her sickness benefit deducted from their salary.


General eligibility criteria:

  • Every citizen that has submitted a blue medical certificate for sickness of four (4) days or more to the Department of Social Security.

How to apply

To use this service you will need:

  • An e-ID account issued by Identità Malta.

How to access the service

The user must authenticate to access the Blue Medical Certificate - Monitoring service. To view any related payments, the user must access the Payments Related Services where applicable.