This service shows medical certificates presented at the Department of Social Security as from 5 years ago. The certificates are listed according to year and presented chronologically. Medical Certificates are submitted by employees and for long term sickness these are presented on a weekly basis. Some persons might in fact have a large number of certificates.

As from the 26th of March 2018, a person is no longer required to submit the original copy of the blue medical certificate to the Department of Social Security if the period of illness is 3 days or less. Hence, after this date, a certificate of 3 days or less will not be listed in this service.

What you'll get

Once authenticated, the citizen will access a list of his medical certificates. Whilst medical certificates themselves are no indication of Sickness Benefit claims, they provide information on the certificates submitted to the Department of Social Security. To check the details of current and active Sickness Benefit claims access the ‘MyServices’ option, then select ‘Applications’.


The general public.

Users must have a valid and active eID account issued by Identity Malta. Users must be authenticated.

How to apply

Press the 'apply' button to use the Medical Certificate Monitoring service.