The Maternity Leave Benefit may be awarded to a pregnant woman.

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What you'll get

The Maternity Leave Benefit is of a maximum of four (4) weeks entitlement. 

If multiple births are born, the maternity leave benefit is paid once.

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General eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of Malta or married/cohabiting with a citizen of Malta, or is a citizen of a European Union Member State, or a citizen of a member country of the European Social Charter, or has a refugee status or applicant from a third-world country and ordinarily resides in Malta or Gozo.
  • The applicant must have availed herself of more than fourteen (14) weeks of maternity leave from her employer. The employer pays the first fourteen (14) weeks of Maternity Leave, while this maternity leave benefit is paid for the remainder weeks up to a maximum of four (4) weeks by the Department of Social Security.
  • In the case of a self-occupied person, if the full eighteen (18) weeks of maternity leave are availed of, the claimant may apply and be entitled to both Maternity Benefit and Maternity Leave Benefit.
  • Teachers who are paid for their Summer holidays, are entitled for the Maternity Leave Benefit.

How to apply

A Maternity Leave Benefit application must be submitted after the eighteenth (18) week of maternity leave but before six (6) months from the eighteenth (18) week as stipulated by the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.). The benefit, or part of it, may be forfeited if the application is submitted late.

Fill in and submit the application online.


Documentation required

General documentation:

  • If the applicant has a full-time and/or a part-time and/or a casual job, a declaration from all the employers is to be provided. The declaration is to include the dates of the availed maternity leave, the unpaid Maternity leave and when the applicant will be returning to her employment. Click here to download this declaration, where only the employer’s section is to be filled in.
  • In the case of teachers who are paid for their summer holidays, are to provide a letter from their respective Human Resources office, stating the maternity leave periods that were availed of during the summer months.
  • A self-occupied applicant has to provide a copy of the official receipts of Social Security Contributions paid of the year prior to the claim, together with a declaration confirming the dates of the eighteen (18) weeks unpaid maternity leave.
  • European Social Charter, Refugees and Third-World country nationals who are ordinary residents in Malta, have to provide a copy of a valid Residence Permit.
  • In case of an applicant who is in cohabitation, must provide an official Cohabitation Certificate.
  • If child is born abroad, an official foreign birth certificate of the child is to be provided.