A person becomes entitled to Sickness Assistance if s/he proves to the satisfaction of the Director of Social Security that s/he or any member of his/her household is suffering from a disease that could only be cured or alleviated by a special diet or regimen, which incurs an exceptional expenditure. Vide list.

What you'll get

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Persons who suffer from chronic diseases which are mentioned in the Social Security Act and satisfy the means test similar to that of Social Assistance will be awarded this benefit after being assessed by a Medical Panel.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.
Once the application is received and verified by the Department of Social Security, it is then referred for the recommendation of the Medical Board, appointed in accordance to the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.). Once the Board approves the claim, the procedure for payment is initiated. If the claim is rejected, the applicant is informed accordingly in writing.
In case of death of a spouse there is no need for a widow/er who already benefits from the Sickness Assistance, to reapply for the assistance. The payment will be automatically processed and paid without interruption.