The Invalidity Pension may be awarded to a person who is certified as being incapable for suitable full-time or part-time employment or self-employment due to a serious disease or physical or mental impairment, subject to the relative social security contribution conditions under the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.). This pension may also be awarded to a claimant who had a claim for Injury Benefit accepted and was therefore certified to have suffered more than 90% disablement resulting from the same injury or a disease arising out of, or during course of his employment or self-occupation.

What you'll get

The Invalidity Pension is paid every 4 weeks in advance.

There are 2 categories of invalidity pension a person can receive:

  • IP – Invalidity Pension for a claimant in receipt of Service Pension
  • NMIP – Invalidity Pension for a claimant not in receipt of Service Pension

Please click here here for a Schedule of Benefits Rates.


General eligibility criteria:

  • A person, who is under retirement age
  • Applicant has been continuously in full-time or regular part-time employment or self-occupation or registering for work under Part 1 for a period of not less than 12 months prior to the date of application
  • Applicant has been certified incapable for suitable regular full-time or part-time employment by a Medical Panel appointed by law
  • The incapacity mentioned above is considered by the Medical Panel as prohibiting an individual from suitable full-time or regular part-time employment or self-occupation for not more than 3 years and not less than 1 year
  • On the date of claim for invalidity pension, the applicant has at least 250 paid social security contributions and paid or credited at least an average of 20 social security contributions per year from the age 19 or 18 as the case may be (or 1964/65) till the date of the claim

How to apply

General documentation:

  • Medical Certification to certify invalidity – medical consultant certification, hospital case summary, etc
  • When Invalidity Pension is granted by the medical board, department may ask for JobsPlus History Sheet with termination date of employment and FS3 of previous year of application to update the social security contributions record accordingly

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