The Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) adopts a procedure through which the quality and quantity of research projects conducted within it are regulated. Forms are used to collect information about research proposals.

The “Research Request Form – Dissertations” form is intended to be filled in by students who:

  • are following a certificate/diploma/degree course at an educational institution
  • need to carry out a final year project/dissertation in part fulfilment of their studies, and
  • need to collect data (e.g. via interviews or questionnaires) from FSWS staff members and/or service users in order to carry out their research study.

What you'll get

Once the form together with other relevant documents (e.g. information sheet, interview guide and consent form) are received by the Research Office within the FSWS, they are reviewed to check whether the study adheres to ethical principles; to consider the implications for the service users and other participants and to assess overall impact of the project on service provision, including on available resources. Documents are then forwarded to the relevant Agency/s for consideration. Within four weeks of the receipt of the documents at the Research Office (unless there are extenuating circumstances), the applicant is sent an outcome letter via email with the decision and with information about the way forward (if applicable).


General eligibility criteria:

  • Students who need to carry out their final year project/dissertation within the FSWS, in part fulfilment of a certificate/diploma/degree from an educational institution.

How to apply

Agency name: Foundation for Social Welfare Services (Research Office)
Address: 212, Cannon Road, Road Santa Venera SVR 9034
Website: www.fsws.gov.mt
Telephone number: +356 2258 8900

Fill in the online form and submit.