This scheme is intended for those applicants who are unable to purchase their residence without the help of Housing Authority.

What you'll get

The Equity Sharing Scheme will apply for persons over the age of 40, who intend to buy their residence by purchasing at least fifty per cent of the property whilst the rest will have to be purchased by them at later stage. On the other side, the Housing Authority will purchase itself the remaining portion not purchased by the applicants which should not be more than fifty percent of the property. After 20 years, the applicants will be obliged to purchase the Housing Authority’s share by paying the same price paid by the Authority Housing.

APS Bank plc, subject to all bank’s criteria being satisfied, will be granting applicants a maximum loan up to €160,000 to purchase a property in finished and habitable state or in shell form state which can be rendered to a habitable state at the total expense of €200,000.


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How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

A non-refundable administrative fee of €20 applies upon submission of an application.